SAVEMA 20 Series SVM 100-A2 Vacuum Feeder

SAVEMA feeders are designed to work with conveyor belt that placed in front of for serving in different industries. While products are moving continuously or intermittently, we are able to mark with Inkjet, Thermal Transfer Printers and Labelling. We are adjusting marking place with very sensitive sensors. It is very easy to use our systems. It can be mounted barcode readers, image control systems, address labelling&printing tools to our systems. 



Applications that can be used;

  • Postal service and cargo.
  • With Ink-jet Marking & Coding
  • With Labelling Machine Marking & Coding
  • Folding Machine feeding


*Maximum width of product: 300mm (W) x 320mm (L)

*Minimum width of product: 100mm (W) x 100mm (L)

*Power: 100-120V 50-60 Hz
200-240V 50-60 Hz

*Weight: 14 Kg.


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