Organic laser marking

Genuinely sustainable food production doesn’t end at placing a healthy, vivid environment in which to harvest. In order to take a holistic, principled approach that respects natural processes, operators in the food sector are increasingly considering the possibility of replacing environmentally traditional food packaging by directly marking onto the products. Below, we will explain more about organic laser marking.

Marking directly onto food products presents great opportunities for natural branding by applying corporate logos or customised labels.

Between smooth and rough, to hard and soft, organic surfaces come in all forms. Our wide range of solutions are ideal for organic laser marking, and allows for food product producers to quickly add high quality, easy to read product information.

The skin of products such as fruit and veg, bakery and eggshells are very delicate. In order to not affect the quality of the food, only a tiny amount of laser energy is required. CO2 lasers are the most adequate solution for marking best-before dates or logos in an environmentally friendly way. Otherwise, applying labels in various shapes and sizes is also a very effective method of marking important information.

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