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The high performance, cost-effective SAVEMA Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTOs) are versatile enough for printing fixed and variable text, data, and graphics. It is ideal for reproducing bar codes, real-time, sell-by dates, batch numbers, prices, source codes and much more.

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Laser marking technology in the automotive sector is perfect for different types of materials and surfaces, such as plastic or metal, ensuring characters, logos and codes that stand out for their efficiency and legibility, as well as being fine, precise and indelible.


Glass, Steel and Plastic marking machines

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Trusted by over 100 customers all over the world

We are proudly number one distributor of Macsa products in Africa.

In any of the glass marking or coding situations, Macsa id offers through its C Series and D Series equipment the optimal solution to the different challenges of the industry.

Macsa laser equipment is used to encode and mark products of a wide variety of materials, including paper, cardboard, plastics (PET, PVC, HDPE), glass, metals and wood. The messages and graphics that are achieved are of high quality, at a minimum operating cost and at high speeds.

Using  Macsa id’s CO 2 laser technology we achieve a white marking with high contrast, perfectly visible and legible, without damaging the material, despite its transparency and using a power of 30W. 

we have laser marked blue, gold and silver colored polyethylene. On the three colors, and with a simple stroke font, we get a good readability of the message. The bright pigment in the container paint   reacts favorably to laser marking, achieving high contrast and high-quality marking, even when marking on high-speed production lines.

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We are proudly number one distributor of Sojet products in Africa.