Savema Thermal Transfer Printer Ribbons

There are 2 kinds of ribbons are used with our Thermal Transfer Printers;

1. Wax-resin Ribbons: It is ideal to use with PE, PP, Glossy paper and it has moderate resinous.

2. Resin Ribbons: It is ideal to use with PE, PP, Tywek, PVC, Aliminium and it has high resinous.


35mm x 600m ribbons for 32mm Thermal Transfer Printers

55mm x 600m ribbons for 53mm Thermal Transfer Printers

110mm x 600m ribbons for 107mm Thermal Transfer Printers.

Ink-out, carton&plastic core, Near edge.

QUALITY … is everyone’s responsibility

Savema Thermal Transfer Print Head

Depending on our Thermal Transfer Printers, we are using,

32mm, 53mm and 107mm Thermal Transfer Print Heads.

It is Kyocera brand and Japan originated.


  • Near Edge,
  • 32mm width,
  • 53mm width,
  • 107mm width, Thermal Transfer Print Heads are available.
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